ABC Classics

Brett Dean – “Testament”


Caroline Almonte piano

Shadow Music
I. Prelude
II. Forgotten Garden
III. Voices and Shadows

Between Moments
Sue-Ellen Paulsen cello

Game Over
Duncan Abercromby clarinet/bass clarinet, Gary Wain drums, Ben van Tienen piano, Leonard Grigoryan electric guitar, Alison Lazaroff-Somssich electric violin, Sue-Ellen Paulsen cello, Stuart Thomson double bass, Felix Williamson ‘Dwight, the game show contestant from Surry Hills’

Conductor: Sebastian Lang-Lessing.
Orchestra: Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.

  1. Testament
  2. Etüdenfest
  3. Shadow Music: I. Prelude
  4. Shadow Music: II. Forgotten Garden
  5. Shadow Music: III. Voices and Shadows
  6. Between Moments
  7. Game Over